Main Features

We have set out to take our years of experience in building carrier grade networks, combine it with best of breed hyperscale cloud services, add service abstraction techniques and compress it all into a powerful toolbox that will turn a regular MikroTik into a networking war chest.


Easy to Use Portal

As much as our engineers love the command terminal and idea of being inside the "Matrix", we are really mindful that it's not fun for everyone. Our orchestration portal is responsive and pleasing to the eye. We've obsessed over the design so you can focus on what matters most.

Cloud Delivered Security

We are one of the only providers in the industry using security threat analysis powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This allows us to keep our security threat data updated and pushed down to your networks in real time, so you’re always protected from zero-day attacks and new vulnerabilities. Read more

Intelligent Firewall

Create dynamic firewall rules that adapt and change automatically to suit the needs of your business requirements. You can create rule sets for your entire orginization, per branch or per network device and include dynamic rule sets to filter out unusual traffic sources or suspicious network behaviour.

Detailed Reporting

We collect all traffic-flow and DNS query records of each branch you deploy. We feed this data into a powerful database engine at high concurrency and then we train ML models with this data to build reports. This allows you to drill down into the behaviour of each device on your network.

Content Filtering

We make it easy to deploy comprehensive and customizable URL and Internet content filtering policies in mere minutes. Simply select categories of websites you want to block – Adult Content, Streaming Media, Social Networking, etc. – and we'll do the rest.

Scheduled Bandwidth Policies

Take control of users that consume more bandwidth than desired. Our portal allows you to easily identify network abuse and to set permanent and scheduled bandwidth policies that are bound to the MAC address of devices.

Optimised Overlay Transit

One of our key services is our optimised private Internet backbone. Traffic from your branches are encrypted and carried by your ISP to our nearest POP, we then sort, analyse and prioritise each packet before it reaches is destination.

Bring Your Own Hardware

Our customised version of RouterOS runs on all popular hardware versions. You buy and own the hardware.

Why Choose PowerCloud?


Built for the cloud, in the cloud

The PowerCloud orchestration platform leverages the best hyperscale cloud techonlogies in the industry from leading providers like Amazon, Google and Huawei.

Localised for your region

Our services are localised for every region we operate in. We rely on content delivery networks and compute resources that span across data centers in every contitent.

Made for MikroTik

We are a recognised MikroTik software integrator, all of our services offer close integration with RouterOS hardware and is enterprise hardened for security and reliability.

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