SD-WAN Capabilities and Features

Built on the principles of SDN and SD-WAN, PowerCloud is uniquely developed to achieve the desired state of a network through the complete automation of network configuration and processes using single-click commands combined
with a level of network-wide intelligence that is able to self-correct.


Application Performance

Boost the service level, performance and capacity of hybrid networks or of standard broadband Internet links by implementing Multi-Path Optimization (MPO) for assured application performance. MPO aggregates multiple links (e.g. MPLS, Fibre, DSL, 4G-LTE) and steers traffic over the most optimal link at any given instant in time to other PowerCloud Edges no matter where they’re located.

Intelligent Routing

Providing a GUI to support routing is something every SD-WAN vendor can enable. PowerCloud's intelligent routing goes far beyond than just supporting standard routing. With support for BGP and OSPF, PowerCloud allows flexibility in seamless integration with existing networks and for incremental deployments.

Simple and Secure VPN

Simple site-to-site IPSec VPN's are used to connect PowerCloud and non-PowerCloud sites while delivering real-time status and health of VPN sites. These sites can be set up on the network edge or the core. Policies are abstracted, and users simply state the outcome of connecting to a certain destination, for example: cloud applications.

Service Insertion

Service insertion supports network function virtualisation (NFV) services to run on PowerCloud Edges and inside the PowerCloud Core.


Segmentation is essential for isolating different types of traffic while maintaining specific business policies, such as segmenting PCI traffic from corporate traffic and guest Internet traffic. Customers can enable the creation of separate and unique topologies and rules for each segment, and the segments are carried forward to the entire network seamlessly.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

PowerCloud Edges automatically authenticate, connect, and receive configuration instructions once they are connected to the Internet in a zero-touch deployment. PowerCloud integrates with the existing network and users benefit from dynamic learning and automation.

Advantages of Software-Defined Networking

SDN and SD-WAN solutions provide the software abstraction to create a network overlay
and decouple network software services from the underlying hardware.


Simplify Branch Networks

Provision branch offices faster with automated zero-touch deployment, simplified configuration, orchestration and on-going monitoring with centralised troubleshooting tools. Simplify branch infrastructure with the ability to insert network services on the branch edge, in the cloud or in the enterprise data centre.

Optimise Application Performance

Optimise application performance over hybrid or Internet links with direct, secure access to enterprise and cloud applications. SD-WAN provides consolidated monitoring and visibility across multiple WAN links and service providers.

Deliver Branch Agility

Enable multiple links, devices and services to coexist and interoperate with incumbent solutions and make the branch connectivity agile and flexible.

Reduce Costs

Deliver Hybrid WAN with ease and enable branch offices with ordinary broadband as enterprise-grade WAN. Reduce hardware-delivery costs by making use of our low-cost branch edge.

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Turbo-boost your Hybrid WAN with PowerCloud.

Hybrid WAN enables shared use of both private and Internet circuits at all business locations. An SD-WAN unleashes the additional efficiencies.


A plug-and-play business-class WAN.

Having your SD-WAN delivered by the cloud can invigorate your WAN architecture to deliver increased branch office agility and app performance.

Branch Office Deployment

Connecting thousands of sites, effortlessly.

SD-WAN takes the hub and the spoke out of your WAN, providing seamless branch office connectivity at lower cost of ownership, orchestrated from a single point.


Reliable, but is it time to consider newer techniques?

MPLS is a widely deployed, reliable and secure technology for building a fixed-path VPN over an IP network between a set of branch offices and data centers.